Immigration and the Delano Grape Strike

While doing the primary source project, I started to understand more of what a day in the life of an immigrant was really like. For example, during the Delano grape strike in the mid 1900’s, migrant workers were put through poor working conditions, earned low wages, and struggled daily with putting food on the table to eat. The average migrant worker during the 1900’s made on average $1600 a year. Workers had to give up a meal once in awhile in order to have food for their family to eat. The pesticides that were used at farms were proven to be dangerous to the migrant worker’s health. Most immigrants that came to America had jobs as farmers, construction workers, any occupation that required physical work to be done. Due to legal issues, the immigrants were unable to get other jobs.

No one should have to work double digit hours a day with very little breaks, not to mention very little pay. These immigrants had to put stress on their bodies from their jobs on a daily basis. As well as the physical pain that the immigrants dealt with, they also faced issues concerning their health. While the people that worked on the farms were struggling to survive, the people that owned the farms but did no work were driving fancy sports cars and living luxurious lives. A day in the life of an immigrant was one of the worst lives to live in regards to the working conditions and the low wages. 


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